Exhibit 3 Dance Company

A landing page design for a Chicago-based dance academy. The client wanted the website to reflect the words "mind, body, and soul." So I used a simple color palette and balanced the design with a lot of breathing room.

E3DC 5.png

The Backyard Kitchen App (Briefbox Submission)

I focused on the keywords "homemade" and "transparent." Designing an interface that allowed for large images was key. It allows the user to feel closely connected to the food and gives them the sense that it's a homemade meal. Making the design simple helped me utilize the keyword "transparent." The information one would need should just be a tap away without any additional clutter in the way.

BYK 1.jpg
BYK 2.jpg

Gmail Redesign (Briefbox Submission)

I had two main goals while I was executing this Gmail redesign. The first was to reduce the amount of clicks it would take a user to view an email. In order to do so, I broke the screen into several columns and designated a space to display an email as it is clicked on. The second was to increase the contrast amongst the different elements. There's a lot of white space and it can tire the eyes while searching for something on the screen. So I implemented more colors and added in a darker dock up at the top. I feel that it allows  the eyes to follow the flow of the screen more steadily.

Gmail UI Macbook.png
Gmail UI.png


Logo design as well as splash-screen & app-icon design for a financial investment company. The goal for this design was to create a very clean design that emanated loyalty and trust. 

Flash iPhone X.png


Landing page for a boutique juice store. Part of my final proposal for the General Assembly Visual Design Program. This design takes the user through a survey-like process to find the perfect juice blend for their needs. It's simple, inviting and refreshing which are all keywords for the brand.