OWEN SCARLETt productions


Owen Scarlett Productions is a direct reflection of myself. There are so many outlets that fulfill my need to create. I couldn't possibly choose just one. There is a certain entropy to my work, in which I take much pride. It is within this entropy that I truly discover the art.

Owen Scarlett Productions is more than just photography and film; it's my constant desire to craft ideas. More often than not, I design with no direction. I make every choice in my work based off of sensations. I keep working on something until I feel excited about it. If I'm not excited about it, then I know it's not ready to be shared. With that being said, I find it easier to achieve such feeling through disorder. In the mystery of the bedlam of ideas is where the excitement comes. I never know what I'm going to conceive, and I feel that is the best way to create something novel.

Art is meant to be viewed openly by all audiences. It should evoke the senses, as well as ideas and questions. When I am hired to do a project I want to collaborate with my client as much as I can. Their vision is so important for my work, and it is key in building a work that they can see themselves in. If I put too much of myself into the work, I find that it becomes monotonous and predictable. So, I think it's best not to plan. I find myself limited by planning. I don't have all the answers. Thus, I feel it crucial to remain open to different opportunities for new and novel ways of creating art.